StartupDevKit is my company, an online incubator and accelerator that educates and equips prospective and current founders with courses, resources, mentoring, and networking to help them improve their probability of success and limit the mistakes that cause 90% of startups to fail.

About StartupDevKit

I created it with a different approach because I wanted to enable all startups to be able to access the major components that normal accelerators and incubators provide. However, there is an additional focus of staving off startup failure. I wanted the world to be enabled to build and grow better, and limit disastrous mistakes.

Therefore, I made it accessible via memberships and I enable startups to start and finish both the incubator and accelerator programs at any time.

That’s right – no cohorts.

You won’t have any time limitations either, except for when your subscription ends, but that can be easily renewed.

The incubator program helps potential startups rigorously validate their startup ideas before moving forward with it. This is so that they prevent the #1 reason for startup failure, no market need for the product/service.

The accelerator program is best to be started after an idea has been validated. It is meant to help build a solid foundation for a company to grow upon, helps them plan and execute their development and growth, provides startups with strategies to grow, and helps them learn how to raise venture capital and gets them ready for it.

My Journey With It

It’s been a labor of love as I have been a solopreneur during my journey with the venture thus far.

I created and built the entire company on my own.

That means I made its website, the courses, the blog, I do the marketing, the support, the graphic design — everything.

There were some people who helped me along the way, and I greatly appreciate their contributions. But in the end, what you see now at is entirely of my creation.

I didn’t intend to be a solo founder, and looked for co-founders for quite some time, but I never really found the right fit.

And after a while, I could not delay the development and growth of it anymore and went all-in on it myself.

There were some major setbacks along the way that I’ve had to overcome, like just about any startup will have, but overcome them, I have.

I will be expanding and bringing on teammates in due time and will be seeking venture capital investment to help propel the company forward.

Check it out!

I would encourage you to check out StartupDevKit if you have your own startup idea or tech startup and see how we can empower you to build the future of your dreams.